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Sol the Guide

Welcome to Annwyn;
(pronounced A-noon)

"Welcome, Traveller, to a world of enchantment, magic, ecletic tastes and primeval wonder. We urge you to take a tour of this realm and see for yourself, what wonders awaits you. But be forewarned, for faeriefolk, fantastical creatures and magic runs freely within this vast kingdom of which some mortals called the Underworld, and indeed it is all too easy to get lost. Should you, gentle Traveller seek aid or knowledge, fear not to contact me. I am known hereabouts as Sol. Now, go... enjoy yourself."

- Sol the Guide


News: 18/07/06 - Again, nothing much have changed with the static pages. We have been fairly active, as usual, with the gallery and forum again.... we even managed to update some of the scripts involved! This year have seen us making more myriad movie costumes compared to last year which was intensely focused on Star Wars. A big revamp is definately required for the Wolf/Sanctuary section, and we have been experimenting with some CMS with interesting results. Hopefully things will get moving that area! Again, thanks for your patience.


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    Enter the Sanctuary The Sanctuary

    Deep into the densely forested Northern Annwyn roams mighty Wolf packs along with their prey and fellow predators. As Nature intended, these noble creatures are left well alone to their devices. Come, join the Wolf Pack and learn from them.


    The Jewel Coast

    The magnificient coastline, windsweept Islands, rich aquamarine waters filled with marine life are more of the many attractions of South-Eastern Annwyn. Other than its natural beauty, it is also the home of many artisans and retired adventurers who may hawk their goods occassionally. This area is dedicated to costuming, armour and jewelry.


    Enter the Coast
    Enter the Seanchas The Seanchas

    This ancient Chamber of the Lore located in the fair City of Taibhreamh, houses probably some of the most obscure texts and scrolls known within this realm. Between dusty tomes of forgotten knowledge, a rare gem of a story, art or perhaps even a poem can be found if one seeks hard enough.


    The Cabin

    So, you have been walking all over the place and figure out that maybe, just maybe, you might be interested to know a little more of your seemingly tireless guide, or perhaps you feel like sharing a cup of fine red wine in front of a cosy fire. Well, look no further, for somewhere along this winding Mountain road, Sol has her private log cabin, and she is known to be a fine host.


    Enter the Cabin
    Enter the Shire The Shire

    The Shire is an obscure location far from the civilisation of Man or the Elf-kind where the wee folks knows as the Hobbits reside in idyllic splendour. Of late, the Hobbits' frenetic activities have multiplied several times over, so if you are interested, do drop by to see what the little rascals are doing. (ASCO and MSFF Photo Gallery)


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