Annwyn Loremaster's Challenge

ALL Quizzes with the exception of those related to David Eddings and J.R.R Tolkien are currently OFFLINE till I can sort out the bugs and missing files! I am still desperately trying to hunt down those files since my comp unceremoniously crashed few months back. Sorry for any inconvenience caused! - (20th September 2004)

The first musky scent of an impossibly old place as well, as the sweetish, pungent smell of some smoking weed assaulted your senses as you walked into a small chamber filled with countless books, charts and old oaken desks of which lies various writing implements - ink-well, quill pens, blank parchments, etc.. A curious bearded individual with an unappetising bluish grey pointed hat that have definately seen its better days, lifted his eyes from the thick book he was reading at the corner of this candle-lit room and waved a lit pipe at you vaguely.

"Come, sit down..." His voice was deep and sonorous that somehow reminded you of tall, craggy mountains and deep caves, invited you to grab one of the chairs near him . Despite the signs of great age, from his wrinkled face to pure white meticulously combed hair and beard, the man's startling blue eyes were twinkling with vigour and humour. "So, ye be interested to pit your knowledge against mine, heh?" He gave you a quick, friendly wink to let you know that he was teasing you.

"I be the Loremaster hereabouts... and it pleases me to make yer acquintances," The Loremaster placed his pipe down on the table lovingly. His slow, seductive country accent dissappeared suddenly though his genuine friendliness was still apparent. "So, tell me, my good friend... which area do you want to try out first? We have a list somewhere here.. You have to pardon an old man..." Bushy white eyebrows frowning, the elderly man felt around his robe crossly until he managed to fish a single well-folded parchment from one of the pockets in his blue robe, and squinted at it. "Ah... let's see... we have..."

    V. Wolves

    • Wolf Quiz

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